ECHO 725 CNC Donatoni


The ECHO 725 CNC is a 5 interpolated axes CNC bridge saw, with Z axis stroke of 500mm, rotating blade head swiveling from -5 to +365 degrees and tilting from 0 to 90 degrees, to perform orthogonal cuts up to 250mm, ideal machine for performing oblique, circular and elliptical cuts, two-dimensional and three-dimensional digging and carving of blocks.

ECHO 725 CNC allows to obtain accurately shaped products and high productivity thanks to the X and Y axes sliding on linear recirculating ball guides in oil bath.

Brushless motors and high precision gearboxes are used for all axes drive.

The "Tools" or "Top" versions can use diamond tools such as: milling wheels, drill cores, horizontal blade.

Also available in two versions:

Echo Belt: Slab moving system with a rubber conveyor belt that reduces downtime caused by loading, unloading and programming.

Echo Twin: automated system  that exchanges slabs by moving the 2 tables in and out the cutting area, reducing downtime and saving space.




Technical schedule
Max number of interpolated axes 5
Vertical stroke Z axis mm 500
Blade-carrying head rotation (C axis) gradi -5° / +365°
Blade-carrying head tilting (A axis) gradi 0° / 90°
Working table dimensions mm 2000 x 3500
Maximum disc diameter mm 725
Maximum cutting depth mm 250
Blade rotation with inverter rpm 0 / 2400
Tool rotation with optional Tools / Top ISO 40 rpm 0 / 5000 TOOLS
0 / 6000 TOP
Blade motor power kW 17 / S6
Minimum blade diameter mm 400
Approx. total weight of the machine kg